Do you have enough money for your retirement?


Retirement is all about comfort! That’s right, toiling for all those years to whatever profession will need a good retirement and one that is carefully planned. Although it sounds like paradise, it has often been a topic that not many are willing to talk about openly. Many have described retirement as a risk and also…

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Is Buying Gold And Silver Really The Best Option?

buying gold or silver

Buying Gold or silver is a way investors use to diversify their risks. Gold has been trade of by economies during time of econominic weakness. This is considered as a way of increasing one’s investment portfolio. An interesting statistics holds out gold as the only currency that has never failed for thousands of years. It…

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Save More Invest More

saving and investing

Saving and investing are two related but independent processes that require a careful balance in order to achieve the goal of building wealth. If you are not sure whether to save or invest, the answer lies in balancing a mix of both. Whether to save or to invest depends on your own individual goals and…

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Securing Your Children’s Future

child's future

Raising children and giving them a reliable financial security is one of the most integral part of parenting. Kids really grow up fast, and before long they are in college or moving out of home. At that point, it is every parent’s wish that the children’s financial future is well secured to give them a…

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Shares or property investment?

shares or property investment

Which option is the best? Shares or property Which is the better investment – shares or property? This debate has been on for a long time and will continue to be discussed in years to come. Pro-property proponents argue that real estate is supreme, while financial planners and share market enthusiasts maintain that shares and…

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Shopping Around For Car Insurance Can Save You Thousands

car insurance

It helps to shop around and get to know the best deals in the market before you settle for your car insurance. The whole idea of shopping around involves evaluating your purchase with questions such as: what do I need? Am I getting the best deal? Is my insurer doing everything they should for me?…

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How To Deal With The Stock Market

stock market

The first step to making successful and profitable investments is researching the stock market and understanding how it works. Patients and using research to your advantage are important traits. Read this article for some tips on how to choose stocks and make money. It is better to invest in a small number of stocks that…

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What Exactly Does It Mean To Buy Shares?

buying shares

Buying a share means you are getting into a venture of owning a unit of a financial asset, a corporation a company, etc. Though as an investor you may not have a direct control over the day to day running of business but you will be entitled to a profit in which the venture generates…

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