Shopping Around For Car Insurance Can Save You Thousands

car insurance

It helps to shop around and get to know the best deals in the market before you settle for your car insurance. The whole idea of shopping around involves evaluating your purchase with questions such as: what do I need? Am I getting the best deal? Is my insurer doing everything they should for me? Could I get more somewhere else? Unfortunately most people give the same thought to purchasing car insurance as they do to brushing their teeth. It’s a task which is necessary but not fun and most drivers usually rush through their purchase.

car insurance

Shopping around is worth the effort. Remember there is money to be saved! The difference can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you type your insurance information into a comparative insurance service, the quotes may range from $1,000 to $1,800. That’s a difference of $800 a year. If you have a spouse and you are a two-car family, you will save $1,600 in car insurance annually. Therefore, taking a little extra time to shop around is usually worth the effort.

When shopping around for car insurance it is important to remember to compare like-policies. It would be a mistake to compare comprehensive car insurance with Third Party Fire and Theft purely on price because they don’t offer the same things. Also remember that the best insurance policy for any individual will depend on the extent of the coverage needs and budget.

To make sure you have proper coverage at the best price, it is recommended you obtain at least three or four quotes when the policy is up for renewal. Most car owners simply renew their policy without questions, failing to take the time to compare and review other insurers in the market. A comparison site found that motorists in the UK spend almost £2bn ($3.4bn) a year more than they need to by allowing their car insurance policy to automatically renew rather than look for a new one.
It is ridiculous how many drivers blindly accept their insurance provider’s renewal quote instead of taking action to save cash on the cover. Anyone with a policy due for renewal should get online and shop around for the insurer that is prepared to offer them the cover they need at a good price. This is much beneficial in terms of actual money savings than auto-renewing the policy while hoping that the insurer will automatically reward their loyalty with a lower premium.

In the end, it pays to shop around companies when looking to buy auto insurance. Chances are, you will obtain variable rates offered by different carriers or even bump onto new carriers who may be trying to break into the market and are offering substantial discounts in order to attract clients. Shopping around could have you driving a better bargain and save you thousands in the end.